April 24, 2010

Yuna Kim's Ice Show

As you know, Hyun Joong is a big fan of Yuna Kim.
When I heard he liked Yuna, I was so happy for that Leader and I have something in common. haha
I'm also a huge fan of her.
Whenever she hold her Ice show in Korea I always got there to see her.
She has her own Ice show twice a year.

I went to Yuna Kim's Ice Show last weekend. I was told more than 30,000 people went to her Ice show for 3 days during last weekend and all seats were sold out within short time.
I thought l might see Leader there. (0.501% hehe) but of course he was not there.
The venue was same place that our boys held Persona concert.
When I got into the inside of building, I reminded Persona opening. ㅠㅠ I miss them.

The Ice show was awesome & fantastic.
Many skaters from Finland, Canada, Russia, Czech, France & China joined Yuna's show.
I was happy that all of them were my favorite skaters.

Yuna was fabulous & beautiful. I was mesmerized by her skating.

If you don't know who Yuna Kim is. please check this video.
She is the Olympic Champion of 2010 Winter Olympics in women's figure skating.


The official olympic channel doesn't seem to allow to embed video in other site.
So I attach other video here. She broke her new world record in this competition. amazing.


Belle said...

Hi Lois
Thanks for sharing your experience in watching Yuna's Ice show. I was waiting for this post cause me also like her very much. She is fabulous and so graceful. Watching her skating on ice is like watching a feather floating and dancing in the wind ^^

lois said...

Hi Belle,

Thank you for your comment.
Yuna is Korean sweetheart.
I'm so proud of her.