April 03, 2010

Two news of Jung Min & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

I had turned on the TV on time and have been wating for JM's program, What Women Want.
But it was not on TV and I was told it had been aired already!!!!!
oh my...

I read ss601 board and I realised that its air time has been changed.
It'll be aired on every Friday at 08:50 pm and repeat on Saturday 12:20 at pm.
3rd repeat is on Sunday at 11:40 am.

And...our sexy charisma Jung Min participated as a judge in TV show Project Runway Korea Season 2 Finale Collection today. Wow~~~
Look at this picture.

image source : bntnews.hankyung.com

I'm so proud of him.
But he looks tired and his eyes look a little bit swollen.
Take care Jung Min. Being Healthy is the most important.


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liezle said...

Much thanks for the info Lois! Read that one too on SS601.com but couldn't decipher that is why i have to seek your help. ^^


P.S. Our birthday boy is so busy. I wonder if he'll be working tomorrow.