April 10, 2010

Hyung Joon is on the phone.

video clip source : poohhl@youtube


Hyung Joon's cousin Elli was on TV last night and made a phone call to HJB. Here is my translantion.

credit : loiskr.blogspot.com

Front part is just about saying hello to HJB, so I didn't translate that part.

MC : Your mom came here. When I saw your mom,
        I thought you dressed up as a middle age woman.
HJ : I look like my mom.
MC : Also You & your cousin Elli have same apprearance.
        I think people would have no doubt even if you say
        she is your real sister.
HJ : Yes, Whenever we go out together, people often 
       question that she is my real sister. 
       So I just say "Yes."
MC : Does Elli take up a positive attitude when she meet
       the likable guy?
HJ : Yes, very aggressive!
MC : We've heard that Elli asked you to introduce your friend,
        Park Young-Ha to her.
HJ : Yes, she did. But I think the time has not yet come.
MC : Would you say something to her for cheering?
HJ : I worried about her. but I think she's been doing well 
       in your program till now. so I feel good. I love her and
       want her to get married with good guy soon.


liezle said...

Lois, endless thanks again for doing another of my favors. Finally, we get to understand what was said on the show. Looks like Maknae is trying to set up his cousin for a date. I wonder how old Jang Elli is. She's really pretty looks smart. Also, she seems so close to Maknae and KiBum.

Have a great weekend ahead.


Anonymous said...

who is park young ha? girl friend??

lois said...

Park Young Ha is a Korean actor.

Anonymous said...

thankyou....park young ha is hyung s girl friend?

Anonymous said...

oh ...im sorry ...park young ha is a man ...i think he is a girl ....thankyou for answer

kanojokhj said...

thanks for leaving a comment in my blog !!

I am from Mexico and I love SS501. can be noticed?

Also, thanks for translating, thanks to people like you, I can spread my love for SS501 into Spanish language countries.