April 02, 2010

Love Like This_Typography

source : 다랑어 (http://doublemotion.ivy.ro/)

LOVE LIKE THIS_TYPE from 다랑어 on Vimeo.


Wow~ Wonderful video~~
It reminds me of the days Rebirth album was released.
Many fans rushed into record shops to buy it on the first day.
I was extremely happy on my way back with 10 copies. keke.

Oh..I can't wait for our boys new album will be released soon.


liezle said...

Hi Lois! Really you bought 10 copies of the album? Wow! Hee, I only bought 4... 1 is for me and the 3 were given to dear friends. ^^

Me too can't wait for the release of the 2nd Korean album. And when that time comes, i hope to see you in Seoul. *crossing my fingers and toes*


lois said...

Hi Liezle!!
I was told that internet purchasing has not been applied for music charts after that I had bought 1 copy of limited Rebirth album through internet! Only off-line purchasing is applied for it.
I was so embarassed and angry so I bought 10 copies of normal version at store and gave them to my co-workers & friends. haha.

I need to save more money to buy new album in May.

liezle said...

Lois, yeah we need to save money lots and lots of money when the album is out. And there's still 2nd Persona Asia Tour and probably fanmeetings! Argh.... i need sponsors! ^^ Watering my money tree is not enough! ^__^