April 30, 2010

Hey~ All green peas out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

or VISIT HERE NOW!!!!!!!!!!


Countdown for 501days just started!!!!!!!!!
I think something will be happened soon.
Oh my god.  My heart is pumping so fast.
Go check it out!!


tetsu girl said...

hi, lois, i was just wondering... what were you trying to show us on the DSP site right before the new photos came out on midnight? was there a design change or an actual ticking clock for the countdown to 501 day? i'm really curious!

lois said...

Hi tetsu girl,

When I visited DSP's web site around quarter to midnight on Apirl 30, they were doing countdown for 501day. Actually, I had not expect anything about that DSP would release new photo on time before I visited there. so it was quite surprising for me and I thought something would be happened. That's why I posted this article to share with my visitors rapidly. and then.. yes, it was about new photos of our boys. ^^


tetsu girl said...

hi, lois! thanks for answering my question! i wish i had visited the DSP site before midnight, too. YS had hinted they would release the photos, and KJ's message had said "not much time left~", so i thought something might happen. too bad there aren't any screen caps of the countdown. or maybe it wasn't anything special?
either way, DSP should've started the ticking clock gimmick earlier to gain anticipation, and they also should've made an earlier announcement to expect concept pix and not the actual album on 501 Day, then the public (and fans who didn't hear about HJL's Saitama announcement) wouldn't be so disappointed about the delay. *sigh* sometimes DSP really sucks at PR and marketing. -_-;;
umm, sorry for the rant. >_>; thanks again! XD;