April 29, 2010

My friends' headbands for our boys

One of my friends just sent me some photos and she was exicited. It's about Hyun Joong's photo wearing cute headband which she & her friends made a few days before the first day of Perona Seoul last summer and she found out it on the mini photo book of Persona Seoul DVD.

She told me that while they had made these headbands last July, they had got hurt their fingers. but they could overcome pain for our boys. haha.

She is carving the character of 현중(Hyun Joong)

Ta da~~


Our Leader @ Persona Seoul on Aug. 02, 2009

Also I remember that Kyu Jong wore this headband at encore stage on 1st of Aug. When I saw Kyu with it on the screen, I was astonished and screamed. After concert, she came running to me and jumped up & down.

Sweet Kyu Jong @ Persona Seoul on Aug. 01, 2009

And Jung Min also wore their headband on 2nd day.

Sexy charisma Jung Min @ Persona Seoul on Aug. 02, 2009

image credit : as tagged

Although I didn't participated in their work, I was happy for that too. I'm sure this will be unforgettable memory for them. Good for you my dear.

and...I feel the lack of Young Saeng' & Baby's one.

..Sorry, I couldn't find Young Saengs' photo.


liezle said...

Labor of love. Thanks for sharing Lois. Oh, I would want to own those headbands and wear when I go to their concert again. But i don't think i will only be able to wear one though. I'll probably wear all one after another until each of them notice me. ^_^

I'm happy that the boys got to wear what they did.


lois said...

Yes. the power of LOVE. hahaha
After that, many fans made that kind of headbands during Persona Asia Tour.

Our lovely boys always wore or put what green peas made for them at the stages.

Sweet boys. I miss them.

SS501 arab fans said...

woowooo nice thing realy great job i love it and love it more cos the boys weared it
cooool ^^
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