April 13, 2010

Oh My God!! Jung Min!!!!!

video clip source : v6inokenq@Youtube


He's so thoughtful!!!!! He doesn't want to disturb other people at the airport and Taiwan Triple S comply with his motion.

How nice!! Thank you TWTS!! I'm so touched.


Chrystal said...

Yo sister! Thanks for sharing. Ahhh envy the fans who can be so close to jungmin and get his autograph. Mal is always so nice and obliging and no bodyguards push the fans away. Ahh. Mal soo cute and thoughtful with the shhh keke

Belle said...

Hi hi Lois, thanks for this vid. Jung Min is so sweet and adorable here.

Nice blog, I will be back often ^^

lois said...

Yo my sister Chrystal~~
yes, I evey them too.
I should've been there. ㅠㅠ


Hi Belle~ good to see you here!!
Thanks for visiting my blod. ^^


liezle said...

Lois, <3 Jung Min. He's so adorable and very very nice to the fans. ^^