April 06, 2010

Surprise guest of Music High on April 6

I'm listening to Music High now.
It's 2:20 am Korean time.
Suddenly, a farmilair voice came in my ear.

Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What a nice surprise!!!
Kyu Jong visited MH and he's having a 
cheerful conversation with Hyung Joon!!!

Their talking is so funny. 
Oh it should've been aired with web cam!!!!!!!!


liezle said...

Hi Lois! I was listening too! I was listening via your blog. I didn't know you were on line had i know I would have chatted with you and asked you what they were talking about. ^^ Really couldn't understand anything. ^^


lois said...

They immitated a Korean comedian's fad words.
That made listeners laugh.
Kyu said he came to MH to eat bread. haha
He didn't seem to expect that he would join the studio.

And KYU talked about what SS501's been doing nowadays.
He said they are doing some jobs for new album and taking photos for album cover.
What a good news!