April 08, 2010

Memory of Young Street by SS501-Tongue twister

Video clip soure : http://tvpot.daum.net/clip/ClipView.do?clipid=20279573
Original soure : 엽혹진 겨새싹


When KYU & MIN were DJ of Young Street, the other members used to come to the show occasionally.
This is the one of the funniest parts of Young Street that I listen often.
They are in troubled with pronunciation of the artist's name.
Even if you don't know Korean, there would be no problem to enjoy this clip.
It's aired on May 7, 2006, almost 4 years ago. They are so funny.
Unfortunately, Young Saeng is not here.


Negina said...

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yas said...

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lois said...

Hi Negina,
I'm fine.
I'm happy that you like my blog.
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Hi yas,
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