April 26, 2010

Hyun Joong participated in Gummy's music video

I read several accounts from people who are not Triple S saw Hyun Joong last Thursday.
Whenever I read "I saw Hyun Joong just now. He is in @@@" "I shook a hand with Hyun Joong. I saw him at $$$ Univ. area" "Hyun Joong is filming with Ryeo Won at ### apartment now.",
I strongly wanted to rush into that place but it was almost midnight so I gave up.
Hyun Joong was watched in three different place in Seoul and I was told he participated in Gummy's music video as a main role. He took a film with Ryeo Won.
They seemed to take a shooting till late night.
That's why Hyun Joong appeared at the Kimpo airport lately last Friday.

Accoridng to Korean News released just a minute a go, Gummy was looking for main character for her M/V and Hyun Joong readily accepted it.
It is well known that they are close to each other.

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