April 20, 2010

Jung Min with Shim Eun Jin (former BabyVox member)

photo source : Shim Eun Jin's mini homepage (http://minihp.cyworld.com/pims/board/image/imgbrd_viewurl.asp?attach_nm=/290005/2010/4/13/5/20100413183424_23767172.jpg&image_url=257412012&tid=23767172)


I didn't know they are close to each other. She is so pretty.
According to Shim Eun Jin's comment, they had a lunch together after Seoul Fashion Week.
She said, "Jung Min's got a great command of languages. He is a cute boy to have a chat with"
I'm happy for that Jung Min has a very good relationship with his seniors.

BTW, Jung Min! Why don't you have a lunch with me??
I can treat you to what you want to eat. Call Me!!


Belle said...

LOL, Lois! Didn't know you are such a funny girl. BTW, the final chapter of my trip report is up. Do check it out when you have time. BTW how was Yoona's show? I saw the clips, she's awesome!

lois said...

Hi Belle,

Oh, Have you updated your story? I'll check it.
Yuna Kim's Ice show was fantastic.
I was going to post about it.
I'll post it soon.

liezle said...

hi lois! news about jung min, thank you for this. love it when i always read news in your blog that i haven't seen in any blogs.

hope you are doing fine now.

P.S. can i join your lunch lois with JM so that you can be my interpreter? ^_^

hi there belle!


Negina said...

Hello Lois
Wow This Is Who I do not know him?
When eaten lunch with Jung mine?
Dear I think the bigger Jung Min age comes
Of course, sorry .. I do not know him .. Seems like just are not?
Sorry I asked many questions
Good luck

kanojokhj said...

Thanks so much

I was so shocked when I saw the pics jhaha

but I guess they are just friends !!!

:D Thanks so much :D

Waiting for 501 Day !