April 26, 2010

[100425] SS501's Hallyu Fan Card Concert in Japan

I read fan(샤방지존찬양@ss601.com)'s account who went to our boys concert held in Japan today at SS601.com. Here is my summary of what she wrote. (green color text is my chitchat)

- The concert was interesting and songs were very good. it took 2 hours.
- Our boys picked 5 fans to come up to the stage for some missions.
- All 5 fans were mommies.
- Our boys followed some missions with fans such as hugging fans, (what??)   letting the fan sit on their knees (WHAT???) & etc.
- There were some programs such as Image ranking, punch machine,
- HJL & HJB did some role-playing.  (a boy & a girl. HJL's role was a girl. oh my!! I can't wait to see it!!)
- Hyun Joong was the strongest for punch machine (wow~ leader's power)
- They showed the video which is taken on their way to fans. It was interesting.
- Jung Min was really funny.
- Hyun Joong had up-style hair today. (kind of pony tail? sorry I can't imagine)
- Young Saeng's vocal was so powerful.
- Kyu Jong ran around here and there.
- and our boys said their new album would be released within May but not 1st of May. They've got something to prepare more and asked fans to wait for it. (oh.........ㅠㅠ, I hope it won't be more than one week.)

Here are some video clips.
video source : linvadata@YouTube

They are talking about album delay.
Hyung Joon is addicted to i-Pad in these days.
Jung Min announced some ranking chart among boys.
He trys to give Baby's i-Pad to Kyu Jong for prize. haha so cute!

Here is today's Love Like This.



liezle said...

Thanks Lois! It's 2:33am here and i'm still awake looking for trans, pix, vids, and fan account! Thanks for your post. Ahh, been watching the vids and seems that it was really a nice concert. And I believe that there are many TS who went to support the boys. Wow!

I've heard about the delay too and I do understand. I'm sure whatever they are doing will come as a big surprise for all of us. I just hope that they will do something for us on 5.01 day itself as they've already set the mind of the fans that something's going to happen on that day. I just hope the the marketing people or the managers of the boys thought about this. by doing so this will somehow compensate the fans who have been anticipating 5.01 day to come.

leader's hair looks cool... i like it!

their role playing are sooooo funny! i laugh out loud though not understanding most of it.

ahh, i miss them so much and seeing them all together again tonight made me happy. geez, i'm craving for more!

have a great week ahead, lois!


bb said...

much thanks, lois!
like liezle, i've been waiting for some fan accounts, any accounts... ^.^

but but but... gotta say i'm feeling abit of mixed emotions reading about the hugging, sitting on laps... do they REALLY have to be so close >.<

and how come they weren't this close with us?!! *pouts*

bb said...

aigoo... i just saw the pic of that fan sitting fully on leader's lap... *feeling faint*

lois said...

Hi girls,

Thank you for your comments.
Actually I was a little bit disappointed first time when I heard their new album would be delayed.

But on the other hand, I thought it might be better because of the current situation in Korea. You may know or not, there was a bad accident in Korea. it's a period of mourning for them this week and the funeral will be held on this Thursday.

Our Leader said they would return with wonderful album soon and asked Triple S to wait for them.

Yes. I'll just wait for them as their proud Triple S.

marydewitt said...

Thanks Lois, knowing the situation in Korea due to the SEA accident, I think it is wise to postphone the release of the album.. I'll wait for sure...

kikilala said...


Please allow me to post some of your translation on our blog. Thanks!!