April 02, 2010

Real time notice?

DSP announced they would provide the posting tool to forward our boys message they leave on official site for fans & DSP notice in real-time .

You can find it as below.


Actually I'm not interested in DSP notice. ^^
The only thing I don't want to miss is our lovely boys' message.
Anyway it's a good idea to catch up with the messages in real-time.
So I put this in my blog for test for a few weeks and will wait n see it would be useful for me.

Its size doesn't stuit on this blog. ah........
I don't know how I can extend the width of left frame of my blog.

You may see the boys message list in the left frame of this blog.

스타스토리 (Star Story)
[크로마뇽인] --> Hyun Joong
[규종] --> Kyu Jong
[영생] --> Young Saeng.

ps. OK. I'll explain how to put this on your blog.
I'm not good at computer, but I did it.
That means anybody can do it. haha

1) Click [Page Layout]
2) Add HMTL/JavaScript gadget
3) Put the below code for setting (This code is from DSP)
★script src="http://ss501.dspenter.com/post/post.js"* ☆/script★
4) I typed ★☆ insead of < & > for not being applied in this post.
so pls change ★ --> >, ☆ --> < when you put this in your blog.

Good luck! ^^


liezle said...

Hi Lois! That SS501 Story is great. How did you embed that on the sidebar? What code did you use and which gadget. If you don't mind please email me.



lois said...

Yo, my sister! (like BABY haha)
I just sent an email to you ^^
Please check it.

chrystal said...

Yo my Sister!!! Thanks again for providing us this important information about the link for ontime message from the boys..keke..WOH!! Really active on blog..

yas said...

Hi Lois, I wanna put it to my sidebar. Could you explain to me, please. Cos I'm not good at computer too. Like liezlie said, tell me the code. If possible e-mail me at tari163@gmail.com
Thanks before, take care..,

Refin Triple S Indonesia said...

Hi Lois..I want to put this on my sidebar, but I dont understand. can you explain it to me, please?? You cam email me at refin_triplesindo@yahoo.com
Thanks before ^^