April 22, 2010

Hyung Joon just left a message!!

Translation : loiskr.blogspot.com

[형준] 음 2010-04-22 오후 11:18:19

이제 좀 쉬었으니까

몸좀 충전했으니까~

달려볼까? 곧 돌아갈께요~ 다시 열정의꽃을 필거야

[Hyung Joon] Um....2010-04-22 PM 11:18:19

We had a rest and time to recharge ourselves.
so..Shall we run?
Coming soon. ~
We'll be passionate.

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liezle said...

You are fast! Hee, i think the real time thing on your sidebar worked! Thanks Lois and I hope that you're feeling better now.