April 15, 2010

Hyun Joong's New CF (cinema ver.)

video soure : http://www.ad.co.kr/ad/cinema/show.do?ukey=185162


This is Leader's another cinema ver. CF of Samsung Card.
In this clip, He says
"Do you want to know that this movie is interesting?
(start to sing) Don't ask me!!!!" hahaha. Isn't he cute?

The previous version I posted before was also cute and lovely. (clike here)

BTW, I'm not sure this video works out of Korea.
Hi visitors, can you watch this?


Belle said...

Gosh, he is super cute! Melts... thanks Lois. Just what I need to get through the day ^^

Yen said...

Yes, I can see Leader's handsome face clearly.