April 16, 2010

What's up, my Kyu Jong??

Kyu Jong went to family gathering to celebrate his grandfather's birthday and took a picture last Saturday. His uncle uploaded some photos and there were 26 people on it. Big family~
so I edited and pixelated other people in this photo cause they're ordinaly people.
His hairstyle doesn't look different from his previous appearance at Seoul Fashion Week.
I bought his digital solo and listen to it everyday.
What a sweet voice~~~
Anyway, I can't wait for our boys new album.
We've got 15 days. ah~~


liezle said...

Thank you Lois for this piece of news.
Kyu seems to have gained some weight.

Btw, got your email last night. ^^


PA said...

thank U so much 4 sharing this new!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There is seem no any news about Kyu Jong, so this really make me happy. Kyu always put his family in the heart.