April 06, 2010

How to register on SBS Gorilla

Hi, Girls who visit my blog~~
Jung Min asked all fans to pray for DSP President.
You might hear the news of Mr. Lee.
He's got the operation of cerebral hemorrhage recently
and he is in intensive care unit now. 
I hope he will recover soon.


You may listen to Music High in real-time on my blog and
send a messge to HJB through web board at Musig High while it's airing.
This is how to register your ID on SBS Gorilla.

I post this only for SS501's fans.
The below message is what I've found on SBS site..


[[Please just send us your information to the address of webmaster@sbs.co.kr with the title of [Foreigner Registration] including; www.sbs.co.kr ID ( If you're a new member, please supply 5 ID candidates) password Name, Address, Email Address,the date of birth ,sex distinction , Telephone Number Any Identification Number ( e.g. Drivers License No., Social Security No...: Please indicate which sort.) ]] webmaster@sbs.co.kr 로 메일 주시면 신속히 가입하여 회원님께 답메일 보내 드리겠습니다. notice! Foreigner or Korean in abroad can't use adult contents. Because we can't indentify your legal age that whether you are over 18 or not Sorry for inconvenience.


I think 5 ID candidates means 5 IDs you want to make.
So they can choose one of them you supplied to avoid overlap.
Not sure. Just I'm guessing. keke ^^


Chrystal said...

YO SISTER!! Am so glad to receive this NEWS! GREAT NEWS!! Finally I can try again to register on Music High and hopefully get to leave messages and also see webcam..You are a dear..:>

lois said...

Your BABY will be waiting for you. haha

liezle said...

Lois, again thank you for doing this favor i asked from you. I'm waiting for my approval. ^^


SS501 arab fans said...

can anyone tell me which day Music High we'll be on air i know the time but i need to know the day plz ?? ^^


lois said...

Hi, SS501 arab fans.

Thanks for visiting my blog.
Music High is aired everynight 2a.m.in Korean time.

SS501 arab fans said...

realy thanx ^^
i hope if you visit our blog 2 ^^

thanx again