April 03, 2010

Back stage interview of Jung Min

Liezle asked me to translate Jung Min's comments.
Here is my translation of what Jung Min said in this video clip.

[Before runway]
This is my second runway so I feel less nervous than the first show held before.
But I'm still nervous.
As time goes by, I'm getting more anxious.

[After runway]
I was trembling!!  My face is little bit swollen cause it's morning time, so I couldn't open my eyes wide.
I regret that I blinked my eyes. I should've opened my eyes like this.
(motion. haha. so cute!)

## My chitchat ##

My lovely niece and nephew came to my house for the weekend.
They are 4 & 2 years old and so adorable.
Since they got here in this morning, they've been running around, screaming, yellling & jumping in my room and want me to join them.
They messed up my room within short time.
I've got something I have to finish by this weekend but I can't concentrate on my work.
But I Love them so much~~ hahahaha. ㅠㅠㅠ


liezle said...

Wow you've cute visitors! ^^

Have a lovely weekend Lois.

Btw, I sent you an email.


P.S. Thanks again for doing this favor.

Yen said...

Hi Lois!
Hope you still remember me from that lovely night over at the Hello Kitty cafe! I can still remember your phone conversation with your niece that night.
It is sometimes nice to have little tykes coming over to mess up your room. hahaha!

Don't worry about those High Cut copies you bought.
The MVIO page is highly love by the Leader fans here.

Thank you.
Hope to see you again!


kanojokhj said...

Thanks for translating
Ahhh I love my nephews and nieces too :D

lois said...

Hi Yen!
What a nice surprise!!
Of course, I remember you.
You girls seem to have shared that pages I had brought. Good for you.

yeah~ I hope to see you again too!!


Hi kanojokhj,
You may understand what I felt today. haha.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

chrystal said...

Thanks Lois dear for the kind translation and sharing with us.:> AH!!! Well, I don't have any niece or nephews but I guess you are having a great time with them..keke.

lois said...

Yo~ my sister Chrystal!!
Big Hug~~~ ^^