April 27, 2010

Are you disappointed about album delay?

Yes, I was disappointed too. If you feel sad or disappointed about album delay, it's ok. but if you blame our boys regarding it, oh...please don't do that. It's not our boys' falut. and even though I hate DSP, I don't want to blame DSP for this once.

In Korea, it's a period of mourning in this week for naval accident and the funeral will be held on this Thursday.
Due to current situation many music programs are not aired for several weeks. Artists who returned in April still have no chance to promote their new album on TV.
Our Leader said they would return with wonderful album which is better than we expect and asked Triple S to wait for them.

When Belle & I were talking about album delay,
she said to me "Everyday is 501 day to me".
I love that sentence. 
Yes, 24/7 from Monday to Sunday night is 501 day for Triple S.
Let's be patient and mind what leader said to us.


liezle said...

Hi Lois! Was actually chatting with Belle too last night and I told her that whatever date SS501 will release the album it'll still be 501 Day as it marks the release of their new album.

Have a great day!


Belle said...

Wah, I feel like someone famous on this post, my name is mentioned hahaha. Thank you Lois. Yes, everyday is 501 day and when it rains, it is an extra happy 501 day. I so agree with Liezle 501 day will be the day the boys release their new album. Yay, let's cheer for our boys and wait for album release as good green peas ^^