May 01, 2010

Upto now, our boys are....

Oh my!!!
I forgot Jung Min's opening party for royal avenue today.
It takes one hour from my house to Jung Min's office.

Hm... Even now, isn't it too late??...Shall I go now?
AHHHHH~~~~~~  ㅠㅠㅠ

I was told HJL & HJB went there and leader just left the venue.
so I think baby is still there.
and Young Saeng & Kyu Jong may be still in Japan.

I can't wait for fan cams & pictures of them.


liezle said...

Thanks Lois for this news. Oh, can't wait to see photos and fan accounts too.

Hmm, so you think that Young Saeng and Kyu Jong are still in Japan? I've been wondering since I haven't seen any photos of their return.


lois said...

Yes. YS & KJ are in Japan now.
I read the account of someone who saw them by chance in Japan yesterday. She said they were with their manager.