May 05, 2010

Hyun Joong's 25th Birthday Event!!!!

Hi~ All green peas~~
I visited and saw their event for Hyun Joong.
so I translated their guide briefly.
Let's participate in SS601's birthday event for our leader.

There are some rules for this event.

1. You must use postal card. (10cm x 15cm)
2. Only hand writing & drawing at postal cards are allowed.
3. pls don't write your real address on the post card. Just write your imagination adrress or your nickname or your name.
4. Even if you draw some pictures, you need to write your message. (that means drawing only is not allowed)
5. Your message should be for only Hyun Joong with all your heart. If there is something trouble with your message, they can't take your message to him.
6. Please don't attach your photo or write your mobile no.
7. After writing your message on your post card, please put it into an envelope and send it to the following address.

The deadline : 2010. 5. 28. Fri.
Our Address Post code : 153-014
Attn: SS601
P.O. Box 65,Geumchun Post Office, 286-9 Doksan4-Dong, Geumchun-Gu, Seoul, Korea

※ You want to ask us, please send an email.


I think this is a good opportunity for overseas fans to send your message to Hyun Joong.
They will gather all TS's messages from all over the world and delivery them to Leader.
So your message should be arrived within the deadline.
You don't know how to write or decorate your message?
You may refer their previous event for Jung Min.

You know our boys always love green peas' fan letters.
I'm sure Hyun Joong will be very happy with our message. ^^
Let's make Hyun Joong happy with this event.


liezle said...

Lois, much thanks for this and for allowing me to share on my blog.


lois said...

You're welcome, Liezle. ^^