May 18, 2010

Today's News

It's raining in Seoul now.
I feel blue due to our boys' news released in this morning.
According to the news, Leader had a car accident nearby his house last Wendsday.
The report said it was a minor accident.
But I worry about his health and our boys comeback.
I don't want them being in hurry to keep the promise with fans.
The most important thing for our boys is being healthy.!!
현중아!! 무리하지 마!! Hyun Joong! Don't work too hard!!
I don't want they play dance music unless Leader recover from this car accident.
They will perform 2 ballad songs which are One Day & Let me be the One (new song) at upcoming Dream concert.
Report said our boys new album will be released on 28th of May and they will work for 3 weeks with it.

(+ one more thing)
Although their contract with DSP will be ended on 7th of June, they will work with DSP 3 more weeks to promote new album. Nothing is cleared regarding recharter. Please just ignore what you hear about it. Our boy will be very sad when they hear every rumor.

so... Dear Green Peas!
Let's support them with all our heart for buying their new album. We have to make them win 1st place.
DO NOT UPLOAD or DOWNLOAD SS501's mp3 file on web site.
If you are real green peas you should purchase their music which is made by their effort!!
Will you?

(++ one more thing again!!)
According to Music High's Producer, our boys will appear at Music High on 1st of June or 8th of June!! It will be live broadcast with web cam!!
Oh my!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!! Thank you Music High!!!
I'll post when I hear updated news.

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liezle said...

Lois, thanks you the news. It's a roller coaster ride of emotions. At the end of the day, I hope everything will be fine.

Take care!