January 29, 2011

Young Saeng's Talk at Japan Fan meeting

Chara asked me what Young Saeng said in this video. ^^
I checked it and got touched by his words.
so I'd like to share how he was sincere and polite to fans.
I think the DVD 'Summer Love' had been played before Young Saeng sang 'Is it love'.
After Young Saeng's stage, he said as below.

video credit : 그아이닷컴 (www.rmdkdl.com)

Young Saeng : I watched the video for the first time while I was waiting for my stage.
The video was funny. You know 'Is it love' is a sad song.
I was not able to feel sentiment for this song at the beginning cause the video was too funny.
So my voice became unstable on some parts. I apologize for that.

Fans : It's OK. You did very well!"

Young Saeng : This is the first time for me to sweat while I sing a ballad song.

***** My chitchat ****
Ahhh. Young Saeng! Don't worry. You are always the best singer to me.
영생아. 니가 이 블로그를 볼리는 없겠지만 그래도 말해주고 싶어.
넌 언제나 최고의 리드보컬이고 네 목소리는 언제나 내 가슴을 울려.
우리 영생이 정말 잘했다.


5enjou said...

Saengie is a perfectionist! ^^
He feel sorry, if he think his performance isnt up to par.

Saengie look so cute, when he is apologizing.

5enjou said...

Oop! Thanks Lois for translating and sharing.

Anonymous said...

he is perfectionist- especially if he has to go on stage....he is just a total performer! he does not want to short change the fans and i love that about him....

thank you Lois for translating and sharing (A)

Chara said...

Thanks a lot Lois.^^ This was quite helpful.


Really have to train my Korean some more. Will do my best~~~ He he.

Like 우리 영생이.

Anonymous said...

whether singing or talking, his voice is so soothing has a calming effect