January 03, 2011

Jung Min & Hyung Joon on Ten Ten Club

It's been a long time that our boys meet Sweet Sorrow on the radio.
They are close friends.
Are you listening to it now? ^^
Sweet Sorrow just said Jung Min & Hyung Joon would appear on 2nd part (10:30 ~ 11:00) and 3rd part(11:00~11:30).
I'm so excited to hear our boys' voice.

OMG. They came out! So noisy and funny. LOL

1. Jung min said "I asked [Why you put HJB's name first among the guest?] and got answered [It's in the order by popularity.]" HAHAHAHAHA.

2. DJ : Who were with you at New Year eve?
JM : I was with Moms. My mom and YS's Mom.
HJB : I had countdown event with my fans after Cafein.


5enjou said...

Happy New Year! Lois
so glad by chance I able to listen JMinni & Jjun on Ten Ten club.
(even I understand zip) =(
Thank you for the link too!

Ni said...

Happy New Year~Lois^^

lois said...

Hi 5enjou,

Thank you girl. Happy New Year!!!

Hi Ni,

Happy New year. I sent it today.
Post office lady said it would take one week to deliver your country.