January 13, 2011

Jung Min's recent photo with reporter

What a nice surprise!!! I saw this photo by chance.
I'm so curious when it was taken.
Jung Min might've recoreded an entertaiment program of Mnet.
THe background of this image shows it. ^^
The lady with Jung Min seems to be a reporter.
She mentioned as below.

한류스타인데도 늘 소탈하고 맘 착한 정민이.
솔로 활동에 출사표를 던졌다.
노래도 좋고 열정도 넘치는 정민이의 대박을 기원한다~♥

It means,
Hallyu Star Jung Min who is always easygoing and nice.
He will start his solo activity.
His new song is very good and he is so passionate.
I hope he will get DAEBAK.

Thank you Reporter!!! kekeke

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image credit : AngelinaBaek@twitter

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5enjou said...

Hope JungMin will get daebak as the lady wishes. ^^