January 15, 2011

Jung Min at Entertainers on KBS Joy Channel

Jung Min was seen Entertainers on KBS Joy Channel half an hour ago.
He said he was expecting to be ranked No. 1 for his new song as he comeback.
The staff inquired of 3 experts whether Jung Min would succeed in his comeback or not.
All of them answered that he would get DAEBAK (means big success in Korean). Finally they asked octopus forecast of Jung Min's album. Doesn't it remind you of anything?
Do you remeber the octopus Paul which told the fortune during World Cup period? haha

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video credit : 501스런하루@SS601.com (www.ss601.com)


Belle said...

Haiz Lois, I came online too late
:( the video has been removed I think? sob sob.. me wanna see Jung Min TT

lois said...

Hi Belle!!!
Can't see it??? The video is still working. I can watch it. It's weired. T.T.


saraholix said...

hi Lois.. i cant watch it either.. wonder why? =_=