January 05, 2011

Kyu Jong & Young Saeng in OK Magazine

Is this weekly magazine? or monthly?
I want more photos of our boys from this magazne.

image credit : okthailand@twitter


5enjou said...

nice!! I like too.
Love Saengie's post.
yup, any more??

Anonymous said...

omg...they both look good...
love how Saengie sits and stands-wow sexy!
Question: isn't that noona coordinator (of HJL/DSP) doing Kyu's make-up? (A)

lois said...

Hi 5enjou,
I think they will release more photos soon.

Hi Anonymous,
Yes. That girl was our boys' coordinator at DSP. I was told she was a freelancer.


Ni said...

hehe...I just want to ask the same question about the coordinator~

Tomorrow they will be in H.K.,but I can't fly to join their FM on Saturday>"<

Thankyu so much Lois~I will pass it to D when I receive it^^

Good night!