January 11, 2011

Kyu Jong says "I know"

OMG!!!! I really envy the fan who made an eye contact with Kyu Jong at this time!
Look at his wink!!!! He takes my breath away. I can't stop loving him. keke

please give a proper credit when reposting.

credit : 안녕,왕자님 (http://wangjanim.com/)

Here is another clip of adorable moment of Kyu Jong. Cute & sexy. hahahahaha


TripleSVN.com Images said...

Thanks Lois n wangjanim. Kyu makes me laf so hard. Oh, his expression really funny.

Ivannah said...

whoa! I love kyujong's wink so cute yet so sexy. It melts my heart O__O. Those sexy hands he's licking remind me of my handshake moment with him in Bangkok fanmeet. Thanks for sharing :)))

lois said...

Handshake with my boy???? Oh, I'm jealous. ^^