December 19, 2010

Memory of KyuSaeng AND Story in BKK

I'd like to share the video taken by Xiaoying with you.
At the end of the video, Kyu Jong & Young Saeng wave their hands to her.
So envy her!!!

video credit : xiaoying@SgTripleS (SgtripleS@YT)

ALso I'd like to introduce a fan account written by belle.
Please click here to read her story.
You can also watch belle's wonderful video on her blog, too.

Thank you Xiaoying & Belle for your hard works.


Anonymous said...

Excellent video clips! For those of us who weren't able to attend it just made our day! Thank you for sharing!

The two princes look absolutely drop dead gorgeous and yeah they waved at the camera - such a close encounter what a lucky gal!!!!

5enjou said...

wow! the video is really well put together.
Thanks Lois for sharing here too.

lois said...

Yes. I really feel thankful to those girls who took nice video of our boys and uploaded to share with many fans.