December 16, 2010

Is there anyone who can read Vietnamese?

Could you please tell me what it says?
In fact, one of my friends who visited Vietnam gave me this.
She knows that I really love Vietnam rice noodle.
I ate it with joy. hahaha.
Suddenly my sister said to me, "What this number means? Best Before?"
I thought it was the production date but she thought "best before date."
Then we had an argument about this.
It has to be production date. cause I ate it already and have 3 more noodle pack.

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nptuyetanh01 said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm Vietnamese :)

And that number means day produced of this noodle.

Exp is 6 months from date day produced.

XD ~

Le said...

oh haha I'm Vietnamese ^^
It's production date and the best before date is 6 months from the production date ~~
oh anyway you should go to eat PHO, it's really delicious ~~

nptuyetanh01 said...

i'm vietnamese here. nice to meet TripleS :x

sorry because reading wrong Vietnamese =))

you can see the sentence "Ngày SX (xem trên bao bì) " means the produced day.

Time of using is 8 months after the produced day (Hạn sử dụng: 8 tháng kể từ ngày sản xuất)

21.11.10 is the date of producing.

our time setting is day - month - year.

Let's enjoy Vietnamese noodle :">

Mayuri said...

That's the production date, the period of using is six month after that

lois said...

Wow~ Many helps from Vietnam TripleS.
Thank you so much for your kind explanation.
ThanKyu ThanKyu ThanKyu.

Now I feel relief that I can have more that noodle. Yeah~ hahahahahaha
And I WIN against my sister.
I'm so happy for that. LOL


5enjou said...

Lois, I don't think ur friend will bring you expired noodle.
So sweet....many Vietnam TripleS explaint in details. ^^
Happy Eating!!