December 26, 2010

Kyu Jong & Young Saeng are sneezing. ^^

You can make our boys sneeze. hahaha
Just drag your mouse pointer on their faces and click it. Super cute.

credit : 레몬 (

[Kyu Jong]

This reminds me of his twitter. So sweet.

[Young Saeng]

Look at his pink cheek. Truly lovely.


Anonymous said...

dear lois (A) here... these is so cute... your caption had me worried for a second that the boys have a flu /cold in real life^^....

lois said...

Hi dear,

Oh, I'm so sorry for making you confused. I didn't mean it. ^^


Chara said...

ke, so cute.^^ Seems like real.... Hahahhaha, Thanks for posting his up.^^

Ah, when you've tried, tell me abt the taste of the chocolate. ^_~
It's real German Choco.^^

lois said...

Hi, Chara

I really enjoyed your choloate. It was the first time to taste German chocolate. So~~~~~~ delicious.
ThanKyu dear.


lisa said...

this is soooo Kyuteeee..
and yesh, kyu's is just like his drawing in snow

Anonymous said...

awwwwww... so cute..
but it feels like they're really sick when u press it ^^