December 13, 2010

Are you good at memory of our boys photo?

Let's try to make a pair with same photo in this flash game.
It's very easy and funny.
You can also hear our love boys' voice when you complete the mission.
레몬 who had made Young Saeng's wardrobe before also made this great game for Kyu Jong & Young Saeng. Huge Thanks.
Please give a proper credit when you repost it.

credit : 레몬 from 안녕,왕자님(Lemon from

credit : 레몬 from 그아이닷컴(Lemon from


5enjou said...

this 2 games are fun!!
but can't seem to finish match of Saengie V_V
Thanks Lois.

Cris' Little Princes said...

so funny...i want this too...

<- -> said...

Thanks. This game is so funny. I love Young Saeng'ottoke if i can't make it on time.

lois said...

I'm so happy that you guys enjoy this game. hehehe