December 10, 2010

Jung Min's Twitter Interview and my additional comment

I saw Jung Min's interview at liezle's blog.
You can read the translated interview here.
It's very nice to see how it was fun to have a chat with Jung Min at that time.

But I've found there is a little misunderstanding to translate at several Q&A in Korean.
So I just want to deliver what Jung Min said to fans correctly.
Cause it is much funnier. hahaha
Please don't get me wrong. I really appreciate their translation and post. ^^

Green color text is my translation. and there was one question has been left out. so I added it in blue color text.


Qns: @minji_0414: @mkstartoday 정민오빠 오늘은 노란색 옷입으셨네요- 좋아하는색이 어떻게 되세요?
Qns: Jung Min Oppa, today you're dressed in yello. What is your favourite color?
Ans:검은색..ㅋㅋ 오늘은 밝아보이려구~!!
Ans: Black color.. keke Today I looked bright~!!
JM : Black color. keke. Today I want to be looked bright.

Qns: @roddk59: @mkstartoday 다이어트 어떻게 해야될까여??-갱아-
Qns: How do you carry out your diet? -Kaeng-ah (her name)
Ans: 일단 드시지 마세요. 지금 물고있는거 내려.
Ans: Firstly, don't eat. I'm having something in my mouth now.
JM : First of all, Don't eat. Put down something you have in your mouth now.

Qns : @Thaluuu: @mkstartoday 제발 대답 좀 oppa 전 페루에서 탈리아 오전
Qns : Please reply me, oppa. I'm Talia from Peru.
Ans : 페루 팬 여러분들 정말 고마워요! 페루에도 꼭 갈께요~그때까지 응원해주세요!
Ans: Fans in Peru thank you very much! Will surely go to Peu ~ till then please give your support!

Qns : @jessiiikpop: @mkstartoday COME TO ENGLAND We love you <3 Its 5am please say ..
Ans : 땡큐땡큐!! 영국으로 가겠어! 너 기다려! .
JM : Thank you Thank You!! I'll go to England. You Wait!

Qns: @pherai2005: @mkstartoday 해외에서 당신을 만나러 오는 팬들에 대해 어떻게 생각하세요?
Qns: What do you think of the fans who are coming overseas to see you?
Ans: 고마워서 눈물이 줄줄줄~!! 사람해요 근대 당신은 언제오나요?
Ans:Thank you, my tears rolling rolling rolling (down)~!! I Love you but then where you did come from?
JM : Thank you, my tears rolling rolling rolling (down)~!! I Love you but then when will you be coming?

Qns: @LibraDolce: @mkstartoday 재킷을 사랑 해요!
Qns: I love your Jacket!
Ans: 나두 좀 사랑해줘요~!!
Ans: I love it too~!!
JM : Please, also love me.

Qns: @AikoCheonsa: @mkstartoday doraemon or sailor moon???
Ans: 둘리!!
Ans: Both!!
JM : Dooly!! (** Dooly is a famous animation character in Korea created by Korean cartoonist. You may see what it is here. Dooly is the left green one. haha)

Qns: @yiting_: @mkstartoday 박정민오빠!!!!!! 안녕!!!Not Alone 꼭대벅야!!!!!!
Qns: Park Jung Min Oppa!!!!!!!! Hello!!!! Not Alone is so daebak!!!!!!!
Ans: 아싸 대벅나야지!!
Ans: YES It has to be the BEST!!
JM : Assa!! (means Oh year~) It'll be 대벅 (DAEBEOK).
(** LOL, it's so funny. cause there is a typo in Question. She should've typed 대박
[DAEBAK], but typed 대벅 [DAEBEOK] That sounds funny to Korean. Jung Min caught this and made some joke with her typo. haha)


5enjou said...

LoL....Dooly =P
Thank you Lois, always grateful that you took the time to correct the culture difference in some of the answer. ^^
I too appreciated liezle and others that try their best to translate for us that tone-dead when come to Korean Language. @_@

Libra Dolce said...

thanks for the translation! I was also confused by his answer when i said "i love your jacket".. ^_^ didn't realize he answered back since i was in the office & did something else while tweeting..his reply had made my day! =D

lois said...

Hi 5enjou,
You know Dooly? hahaha
Jung Min has a good sence of humor and I didn't you miss that point of his wise answer. hehe


Hi Libra Dolce.
OMG! Jung Min picked up your question and replyed you.
So envy You!!!!!


5enjou said...

Hi Lois
don't really know Dooly, but search on youtube. ^^
yup, Jung Min is very witty, not easy getting a straight answer from him.