September 26, 2011

Short clip of Kyu Jong at Mnet Serenade

It's amazing they got managed to take a video although it's very short.

video credit : 안녕, 왕자님 (

And I'd like to share the below photo taken by FirstMind with you.
Isn't he lovely and adorable? Ah~~~~ I can't stop loving him!!!!!
This photo is taken during he was singing with the girl who wants her ex-boyfirend to come back to her.

Image credit : FirstMind (


etet said...

He's so dreamy... *sighs*
You know who I'll be dreaming about tonite.. *winks*

slimz1808 said...

tis is nice ^^ the chinese fans also managed to capture some cam but this is clearer ^^

ping0119 said...

thanks for sharing, he looks very lovely <3

Ni said...

Dear Lois,

I saw some fans uploaded all KJ's new songs to the youtube><

I hope everyone can only watch KJ's MV on B2M official YouTube channel. And listening his songs on all the official music websites to support our Kyu Jong. ^^