September 19, 2011

Curtain Call of Musical Goong on 9/17

I was so lucky to see Kyu Jong & Young Saeng at the same time.
Young Saeng gave Kyu Jong a thumb up while Kyu Jong walked along aisle stage with actors & actresses at curtain call then Kyu Jong gave two thumbs up back to Young Saeng.
When I saw that moment, I was so~~~~~~~~~ happy and hoped that someone would take it.
Finally it's out!
This is a wonderful multi-angled video taken by Wangjanim.
You may see that Kyu Jong gives two thumbs up to someone in audience.
Don't miss out 1:12 in this video.
It's very dark and hard to recognize what Kyu Jong is doing.
But if you concentrate on the right video (Long one), you will see it.
Good luck. LOL

Video credit : 안녕,왕자님 (

They asked "Please Do Not re-upload this video"


yourpeace said...

You are so lucky seeing them showing their love and support to each other. I wish YS and the rest of SS501 will attend the last show keke..... (then i will be VERY lucky!)

<- -> said...

ThanKYU very much Lois. I watched it n know that Kyu gave a thumb up but didn't even imagine the thumb up was for Young Saeng.

So happy about the interaction bw them. ^^

5enjou said...

Thanks for sharing here, Lois
It's nice to see Kyu, so handsome!!
too bad couldn't see Saengie in this clip. miss him too!

etet said...

Beautiful vid by Wangjanim.... Thankyu!!!
What I find the most gratifying and what makes me the happiest is seeing that Kyu is really enjoying himself...
Yes I love watching him perform...and I'm anxiously waiting to see him LIVE... but most important to me and what makes me scream and squeal with delight, is to see him so confident and happy.......
Keep doing the things that mean the most to you..

Thankyu Lois and Wangjanim

tetsu_girl said...

what a sweet moment! thanKyu so much for sharing, Lois & Wangjanim! :D i love seeing KJ so happy. he's adorable!

lois said...

ThanKYU for all your comments dear.