September 19, 2011

Photo of Kyu Jong's 1st solo album concept

Well, frankly speaking I got so upset and angry when I saw this photo in this morning.
I couldn't understand what they want to show through that kind of concept.
'OMG. Is it a drag queen or transgender? What the! Hey B2M! I've been waiting for his solo comeback such a long time. But why you guys do this to my boy and me? It's too unconventional. T.T.'

But I've changed my mind after receiving the mail from etet.
I'd like to share her opinion with you. I totally agree with her.
She also left her message on liezle's blog too. Some of you might've read it already.
ThanKYU Etet.

I'm eager to write so many things that I want to say but it's really hard due to language barrier. Anyway, my point of view about his new concept became optimistic.
At least it succeeded to bring people pay attention to him.

Besides, I read the interview article of Kyu Jong in National Theater YONG Magazine Autumn Edition. That interview said, Kyu Jong has been writting in Prince Shin's diary everyday to be immersed in Prince Shin's character since he was cast for musical Goong. I was moved by what he's been doing for his role.
Yes. That is Kyu Jong who we know.

규종아. 누나가 아침에 잠시 이 사진을 보고 매우 분노했었지만 파격적이고 쇼킹한 사진이라
오히려 많은 이들의 시선을 잡아 끌 수 있었던 것 같아.
네가 무엇을 하건 어떤 모습을 보여주건 내가 처음 보고 반했던 착하고 성실하고 노력하는
인간 김규종 그 자체는 절대로 변하지 않는 진리라는걸 다시 한 번 생각하게 됐어.
갈대같은 누나의 순정을 채찍질 해다오. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Here is Etet's opinion.

The first words out of my mouth were “What the Hell!?!?” And excuse my language but the word "shit" was also heard... I am not a fan of the pics and had to take some deep breaths as I started to read the reaction this has caused. But after the initial “shock” wore down I was able to think straight again.
In my eyes, Kyu is taking a HUGE risk. Which I now realize is what really “shocked” me… Not JM, Not Leader… The sensible Kyu… And looking back, the others sort of stayed in their comfort zone with what they have done… YS did venture out a little but he didn’t go too far… So why Kyu? And why so dramatically? Is it because he has found the courage or confidence to stretch his limits? If that’s the case I applaud him.
Don’t we all “buck the system”? Strike out on our own to explore, to learn, to make mistakes, to move forward, to grow? And when we do this, we realize that we won’t please everyone but isn’t that the point? If we did what everyone wanted wouldn’t the world be rather boring?
In the next few days, there will be comments, both negative and positive. But we need to resist the urge to become angry or sad. I have asked a lot of questions but only Kyu can answer them. Speaking for myself, I’m looking forward to see what happens. Whether this “risk” will be a costly one or a big hit is an unknown. Of course I am hoping it will be a big hit. But it doesn’t change who Kyu is… Kyu will always be Kyu. You can’t change the “core” of a person… and that’s the person who has turned this ajumma into a “Fan Girl”… A "Fan Girl" for how long? I can't say... The future is what it will be.. but for now, I'm happy to be one of Kyu's Kyuties... So I anxiously wait to see his MV, the release of his CD, his comeback stage, his new drama and of course his musical...
What will be will be... All we can do is patiently wait and trust... Isn't that what he would want of us?


Anonymous said...

Hi Lois,

Same as you, I got a shock too when I saw this set of pictures this morning. First, the title ‘Turn Me On’ doesn’t sound right. Next, this set of pictures totally caught me off guard. However, after calming down, I’m anticipating this mini album.

The MV picture that the MV director tweeted out shows a very cool Kyu with black outfit. This set of ‘white’ pictures show a TOTALLY opposite side of him. This makes me VERY curious of the whole mini album concept and songs. It seems that they’re playing with extreme themes.

Stepping out of his comfort zone is definitely not as easy task. At least, he’s trying. As his fan, I’m going to give him my full support and definitely anticipating his comeback stage.

Cheers! ^^

lois said...

Dear 6:26

ThanKYU for leaving your comment. Yes, his first photo released last week was black. It's totally different from this time.
It makes us get more expection about his upcoming album.
Let's support him as much as we can.

Yeay~ Cheers!


Belle said...

Hi Lois, knowing you I can imagine your initial thoughts hahaha. I would like to share with you my comments on facebk that I posted this afternoon under Linlin's post of Kyu Photos ...

"I've had time to mull over Kyu's concept photos. I think Kyu is very brave to take this bold move. Amongst all the boys who have had their solos, they all stayed pretty mainstream in album concept. Kyu knows he has to create a buzz to get people to notice him, so I do understand the reason for this radical concept, totally unlike our sweet Kyu we know him. And that's why we are shocked.

But then again don't you all think this is what Kyu needs to tell kpop industry that he's showing us a different side of him?! This tells me he's confident and bold enough to take this step to establish himself as a solo artiste. I am all for it!! Kyu go go go!!!!

So let's embrace this new totally out of this world Kyu Jong and see what other surprises he has for us! I for one is ready for anything and the unexpected from Kyu!! kekekeke ..."

lois said...

ThanKYU Belle.
You read my mind and made me feel better. T.T.
ThanKYU dear as always.


Cinzia said...

Hi Lois

you know what, when I saw the pictures this morning my first thought was of you and how you would react to this change of image ha ha ha ~~~

I am glad you took it the right way and you are not too shocked by this new KJ.

Well a daring concept to say at least but ever so exciting at the same time, don't ya think??? I literally can't wait for the video now. I hope it is going to be as audacious as KJ's new look, perhaps something like Lady Gaga or Marylin Manson would do ~~~ ㅋㅋㅋ

And I have to give it to KJ, such radical change of image is a very bold artistic choice. KJ has all my respect Yoh!

Art has no boundary ^_^
And conventions are only there until a brave artist comes along and thinks outside the box.
It seems that this time that artist is going to be our boy.

5enjou said...

Hi Lois, can really understand your initial am I. ^_^
However, I'm excited about Kyu comeback.
It's a bold move for Kyu, but then again...what do we really know of the MAN, KYU Jong?!
An artist, a singer, an actor and .... well...