September 22, 2011

Bulk Order of Kyu Jong's Album for Overseas Fans

As you know already, we have to buy Kyu Jong's album at off-line shops such as Shinnara or Hot Tracks to be referred at music chart in Korea.
I know it's very difficult to buy it for overseas fans.
So I'd like to share the information of group buying for fans who can't come to Korea.
Sorry but I don't have any info for Philippines or Indonesia yet.
If you know any more URL, please let me know by leaving your comments here or sending your mention to my twit account(@HappyBoys_SS501). Then I'll add it here. ThanKYU in advance.

Please click the link below.

Also you may contact TingTing who is huge fan of Kyu Jong via her twit account. (@TingTingLoveKyu).
ThanKYU TingTing.

And I've got more URLs for Taiwan fans from my friend NI. ThanKYU dear! (鐘心-金圭鐘台灣首站後援會)
- cooperated with FirstMind

- cooperated with HE;STORY

Here is the URL that I received it.
Bulk order for Thai fans
Also you may contact PeaceJerry who is huge fan of Kyu Jong via her twit account. (@peacejerry).
ThanKYU Peace.

[Hong Kong]
ThanKYU HK TripleS!

You may join Singapore TripleS pre-ordering or Quainte
ThanKYU SG girls!
If you have a problem to order it, please contact Chrystal(

I'm not sure whether this page is correct or not.
Sorry I don't know Chinese, but I saw this URL by chance at twitter.
Hope it's right direction.
Kyu's & He;Strory
ThanKYU Chinese girls!

I hope many fans will support Kyu Jong with the most efficient way.
ThanKYU for all your hard works for our super charming prince Kyu Jong.
Let's do our best to support him.
Kyu Jong! You are the only one who turns me on. LOL


Ni said...

Dear lois,

I would like to provide 2 more info. of group buying in Taiwan.

1. (鐘心-金圭鐘台灣首站後援會)[cooperated with FirstMind]

2. [TW301] [cooperated with HE;STORY]

Fighting~ThanKYU ^^

Yeonnie said...

I think it's good! But i'm leaving in i just have to buy in site-shop who are be referred at music chart in Korea.
It's sad for French Triple S TT...But...i think you can make this when SS501 will comeback ^^!
SS501 have a french site! it's

I hope you enjoy!!
Kyu Jong FIGHTING!!!

lois said...

Dear NI,
ThanKYU dear!!!!
I added the URL you gave me.
I wish you were here with me and watched KJ's musical together. T.T.
Take care~



Dear Yeonnie
Wow~ Are you from France? I have some TS friends from UK & Germany.
I hope there will be more TripleS in Europe like you. ThanKYU for visiting my blog and leaving your comment.


Ni said...

Dear Lois,

I hope I were there to watch Goong & his CB stage with u T_T

I'm so bz these days and can't have holidays before end of Oct. ><

But the happy thing is I just saw the CB preview from M!Countdown~I will watch the live on internet next Thursday....maybe I can find u during kyu's performance..keke


etet said...

Hi Lois,

Love the new pics on the site! Don't know why.. but I keep staring at those "2" *blings* on his ear.... had seen them before in the Goong pics/vids... me loves *bling*... they "Turn Me ON" :)