September 23, 2011

Kyu Jong at Press Call of Musical Goong on 9/20

I applied for the press call event for audiences who had reserved the tickets to see Musical Goong a few weeks ago and was picked luckily to participate it. Yeay~
During press call event which was hold on 9/20, invited audiences could take a photo while it went on but only press media was given to ask questions to the casts.
Press media reporters were sitting in middle block and audiences were sitting left side.
Our smart Kyu Jong got to know where his fans were sitting, then he smiled at us quite often.
As you know, Prince Shin character is double cast. One is our prince Kyu Jong and the other one is Kang Dong Ho. They alternated in acting and singing for press call.

Video credit : Arts News TV, uploaded by TivonaHu@YT

And here are some photos that I took on that day.
Sorry for the poor quality. I was so nervous when Kyu Jong was on stage and not able to concentrate on taking a picture. Cause I couldn't take my eyes off him. hahahaha

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tetsu_girl said...

*sigh* so handsome and sweet looking.
thanks for sharing, lois! ^^

lois said...

Hi tetsu.

It's my pleasure. Kyu looked really gorgeous on that day. ^^


etet said...

Everyone says that pics and vids don't do him justice... Kyu is more gorgeous in person.....*screams*....
He's already so gorgeous in the pics and he's more gorgeous in person?!?... *screams*...
I'm tingling with excitement.... *sighs*...

Lois... Any more of these will probably make me faint *fans myself*..