April 01, 2011

Young Saeng in a preview of a film

Young Saeng went to the movie theater for a preview of a movie named Suspicious Customers today. His manager Mr. Jeon watched that movie and left a good comment about it at his twitter 2 hours ago. I love Young Saeng's new hairstyle. It looks good on him.
BTW, Where is my Kyu Jong? I miss him terribly. T.T.

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image credit : AMORINO (www.11031103.com)

*** Another photo by Seo Ji Seok ***

Actor Seo Ji Seok uploaded his photo at his mini homepage.
It seems to be taken at the theater yesterday.
Our Saengie is here!


5enjou said...

Saengie look good here!
looking forward to his CB ^_^

Chara said...

huh... look at these dark circles... Doesn't seem to sleep to much or too well lately... Recoding?