March 29, 2011

Jung Min's Repackage Album Information

As you know already, Jung Min's repackage album will be released soon. (April 7 or 8)
It is said his photo book (40 pages) would be included in this album.
Here is the track information.
Green colored text means new song.

1. 눈물이 흐를 만큼 (As tears flow)
2. 가라 가라 (Go Go)
3. Not Alone
4. 넌 알고 있니
5. 내 하루는 매일매일 크리스마스
6. 눈물이 흐를 만큼 (Inst.)
7. 가라 가라 (Inst.)


Belle said...

Thanks Lois, I love the album cover!!! Otokke?! I already have 2 Not Alone original album & now I have to get this one as well hahahaha... I'm so poor in my pocket /=

lois said...

So am I.
I'm already beggar. hahahaha