April 12, 2011

Special DJ for Music High (updated)

This is a pop-up notice from Music High.
As you see the below, Young Saeng & Jung Min will be the special DJ for MH on April 14. (Wendesday night)

What a nice surprise!!!
You may know that two boys were the hosts of SS501's Young Street for the very first time.

Wait! It's weired. I was told Kyu Jong would come out at Music High on April 14.
hm....OMG! Are they going to gather at the studio at the same time?????
I'm still confused. but I hope my dreams come true.

*** Updated ***

Music High made a mistake to make pop-up notice.
Special DJ will be Kyu Jong & Jung Min.
Please don't get confused girls.


Anonymous said...

what a nice surprise! the YoungStreet DJs together again (haha they even chose such old photos of them XD)
i really hope Kyu Jong is still a guest, then we can have 4 of them together! *wishes*
thanks for sharing the info, Lois!

TripleSVN.com Images said...

Lois. I love you. We love you so much.

3 S r going to b together.

I wanna dance around to cheer for this news.

Ahhh. cann't wait.

Josie said...

lets pray that its really a mini-renioun of our princes!!

5enjou said...

Tom and Jerry, with ours sweet Kyu.
Thanks Lois!!!

@saz33na said...

Wishes and desires are unlimited ...n I wish that all 5 of them could be together and laugh .. but back to reality i oki to have fun with 3 of them only ... its juss my wish that all 5 of them could be together

Anyway thank u for the updates :)