April 27, 2011

Jung Min heading to Japan this morning

Look at his finger. Got injured? What happened to him????
HJL, YS, KJ, JM and HJB.
Whatever you do, you must be healthy and happy.
That's what I want for you.

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Image credit : 박정민닷컴 (www.p-jungmin.com)


rucci87 said...

omg.. what happened to his finger?
but thanks for sharing^^

Belle said...

O.o...what happened to your fingers Jung Min. I hope it was not injured during the chaotic scene at HK airport departure. Do you know why JM is heading to Japan, Lois?

lois said...

Jung Min is going to attend UN Charity Events in Japan.

I was so surprised when I saw that photo. Hope it's not serious. T.T.


Belle said...

He cannot do the "no no no no" in not alone with that injured finger >.<

CharlynnPTRP said...

He is using Frog Finger Splint (used to maintain interphalangeal joints in correct position folowing distal joint injuries), maybe he fell and used his right hand in an awkward position to prevent himself from falling-and in the process broke his finger near the fingernail...