October 03, 2011

Kyu Jong's schedule on Oct. 4

B2M has updated Kyu Jong's schedule on Oct. 4.
He'll have a interview with one of news media tomorrow and attend the charity event as the honorary Embassador of Heart Heart Welfare Foundation. Its venue is Angelius Coffee Yonsei branch where is located nearby ShinChon Station. It'll be starting at 4pm.
I attach the map for you who are willing to join it.

Then he will perform Musical Goong at 8pm.
Lastly he'll be appearing on MBC radio program Starry Night as a guest at 11pm.
I hope it airs with web cam.

Take care Kyu Jong. I'm really worried about your health.
우리 규종이 정말 고생이 많다. 밥 많이 먹고 아프지 말고 건강해야돼.
내일 공연도 기대할게요 규태자님.


Slimz1808 said...

ThanKYU for sharing this dear! It's too challenging for me..frm airport to this then to goong...all wif my suitcase....... Dun tink will go for this... I guess it's my fate not to b able to c him up close..
Shall b contented to just see him on goong stage..
Cya at goong tonite =D

etet said...

Drop dead gorgeous! Think my jaw dropped to the floor the moment he entered the room.. OMG! Yes "ladies" he is so much more gorgeous in person! And so sweet! So tall and slim with those oh so loooooong legs in slim jeans...... and that smile.... that face..... I was in heaven!