October 27, 2011

Kyu Jong's photo taken by himself.

Kyu Jong's photos during filiming something (didn't mention what it was) is uploaded on staff report board of ThanKYU site by administrator today.
The message on the photos are,
"We asked Kyu Jong to take his photo by himself and the result was ...."
"Like this!!"
"He focused on the other things behind him. kekeke"
How cute!. What a lovely boy! I can't stop loving him.
Btw, the last photo is taken by his manager. haha

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Anonymous said...

His lips look very yummy.

lois said...

Yummy? hahahahahaha
I agree with you. ^^


ping0119 said...

so pretty & gorgeous~^^

5enjou said...

nice pics!!!

etet said...

Ohhhh.... meez always likes him in "black" but a "tight" white "T" and jeans...
Yes, that's also super YUMMY.....

tetsu_girl said...

he's so adorable! and handsome! i love kyu~
thanks for always sharing, lois! <3