October 10, 2011

Kyu Jong @ K-wave Station of KBS World TV on Oct. 7

While the fan siging event for audiences was holding after the musical on 9/27, I saw some TV cameras and reporters were taking it there. This video is from one of them.
The only one thing that I was disappointed with Musical Goong is that I couldn't manage to attend main cast autograph session. I should've run much faster to be in the first 50 people to be served for it. T.T.

Video from kerria007@YT

Here is another video of Showbiz Extra on Arirang TV.


5enjou said...

Thanks for the link!
sorry to hear, you miss your chance for Goong's cast autograph session. v_v

Cinzia said...

Watched some extract of the musical on youtube.
Ahhh, really envy of you for being able to watch it live!!!!
Amazing show, amazing production and amazing performances ~ KJ was dashing and totally drooling material. He was superb.
I so wish I were in Seoul right now. We could have gone together ~~~ >_<