October 03, 2011

How to apply for Kyu Jong's Fan Signing Event of 10/9

HotTracks Mok Dong Store announced that Kyu Jong would have a his fan singing event on Oct. 9(Sun). Here is the details.

Korean to English Translation : loiskr.blogspot.com

* Time : Oct. 9 (Sun) 7pm
* Venue : HotTrakcs Mok Dong Store
* How to apply : You have to buy Kyu Jong's Turn Me On album at HotTracks Mok Dong during 10/3(Mon) ~ 10/7(Fri). We will pick 150 people and give the number tickets to winners.
* Attention : The CD you purchase during that period is not refundable or exchangable.
You can apply for it for overlapping, but even if you are picked in duplicate, you will be given only 1 ticket. You can not attend the fan signing without the ticket which will be given to winners. You must bring your ID card to be given the number ticket.
* The winners list will be uploaded at 7pm on Oct. 8 (Sat.)

How to get to HotTracks Mok Dong 

I need to be picked for this time!!!!! I've never ever received his autograph or talked to him.
Please GOD. Please allow me to have a chance to meet him. T.T.


Ni said...

Dear Lois~I really wanna fly to see him T_T but I can't ><
I will text u a message later hope u can be picked n see him on Oct.09~god bless u!

Slimz1808 said...

Ahh!I am seriously considering extending my stay!

dora said...

good luck... wish u all the best. Let him know ur blog. It's a very informative blog that help those who like Kyu Jong and the boys.