February 26, 2011

Young Saeng's reply

I really love this video clip.
I'm not sure whether it would be played in overseas or not.
(please say you can watch it. T.T.)
Young Saeng went to baseball park yesterday.
Many fans were there to see him and one of them asked some questions of him.
Look at his gesture. How cute!!!

Fan : When do you start?
YS : ...
Fan : When is it finished?
YS : ...

Can you hear fan's screaming? LOL
please give a proper credit when reposting.

video credit : 그아이닷컴(rmdkdl.com)

If you can't watch the above clip, please refer the below video.


sha filan said...

he's way toooooooooo cute!!! hahaha

Anonymous said...

am assuming fans were asking about his album...

his short response to the fans questions made him look sooo cute^^

thankyou (A)

5enjou said...

his expression just priceless!

fowbwsf said...

Hi Lois,

Can't view nor watch the video :( ... Is there any other site where I can watch this?

Thanks in advance for your reply :D

Chara said...

ㅋㅋㅋ 퀴엽다...

He's voicing "몰라" once. :-) Lois, do you know, where he is always playing Baseball? Olympia Stadion?

lois said...

Hi girls.
Thank you for your comments.

Dear fowbwsf, now you may see the video. ^^

Hi Chara, I was told the venue for playing baseball game is always changed. For this time, it was held at Mokdong baseball park located near by OmokGyo Station of Line No.5 (purple line).
If you were in Korea, we might've gone there together. keke.


Chara said...

Oh what a pity... always changing... T_T

Of course I would have gone, when I would have been in Korea.^^ But not without you accompanying me. Who knows... ^^ I maybe would have fainted? ^_~

fowbwsf said...

Dear Lois,

Thanks a lot!

He is indeed cute :)