February 17, 2011

Kyu Jong was seen at an art gallery yesterday.

I read the post that someone saw Kyu Jong by chance yesterday.
The blogger went to Deok Su Goong and bumped into Kyu Jong in front of the art gallery in the palace.
She said he was very tall and thin and she's got favorably impressed.
Then she added he looked pleasantly simple.
According to her, Kyu Jong used the honorific to the lady in the photo.
I don't know who that lady is. hm...maybe his senior or something?
Whoever! The most important thing is Kyu Jong's appearance. ^^
Please give a proper credit when reposting.

image credit : http://blog.naver.com/rmsvh/50105461420


MM said...

Hi Lois,

I just read the fan account somewhere and I must say..this fan is really nice! :) she knows how to respect Kyu Jong's private life and didn't bother to show up in front of your guy :) And yet, she took a photo at the back to share with the rest of the grean peas at least.

That's the true mark of a triple s- well behaved.


Belle said...

Kyu Jong: Yes, I was there, enjoying a peaceful, quiet & happy day. Hope we can bump into each other one day soon, Lois ^^


lois said...

Hi MM,

Yes, I was touched by her behaviour very polite and thoughtful.

Hi Belle,
I wish you were Kyu Jong. LOL~~~