February 03, 2011

Sponsored clothes for KyuSaeng + Their departure for Manila

I really like what Young Saeng & Kyu Jong wore for HK Fan Meeting last month.
Those clothes are sponsored by Designer Jeong YoSub and they suited KyuSaeng.
Here are some photos of them.

image credit : blog.naver.com/kic1ha2

Kyu Jong & Young Saeng are heading for Philippines now.
They will be landing in Manila soon.
This is the first time for KyuSaeng to meet TripleS Philippines officially.
I hope many fans would go to the airport to greet them and attend Manila FM.
Here is a fan cam of KyuSaeng's departure at the airpot in this dawn today.

video credit : 안녕,왕자님 (http://wangjanim.com/)


MM said...

Hi Lois!

I have Youngsaeng's placard that you gave me..I'll show it during the FM! Thanks! :D


lois said...

Hi MM!!!

Great! It will catch his eyes at the venue. I envy you.


Chara said...

워야??? These photos look really great. Wow, really sexy look and kind of distanced and aloof. Making them more handsome. *_*

Envy you too, MM! Want to catch his eyes again~~~ 영생아, 보고 싶어~~~

MM said...

Hey Lois! :) KyuSaeng FM was really successful! Kyu had lots of cute reactions every now and then and Saengie was very sexy! I'm sure you enjoyed their fanmeet there too.

Would have been great to watch with you then we can scream for our biases together, lol! See you in Seoul soon!

Hi Chara! :)