February 06, 2011

Stunning photo of Kyu Jong at Manila FM

I was told the security of Manila FM was so tight and strict.
Now I understand why there are not so many fan cams or photos are uploaded till now comparing to other FM of KyuSaeng. T.T.
I hope I would see more photos or fan cams tomorrow.
Here is a very short video and wonderful photos of Kyu Jong taken by wangjanim.
Please give a proper credit when you repost.

video credit : 안녕, 왕자님 (http://wangjanim.com/)

To stop this file, please click the right button of your mouse then click forward or backward.

Kyu Jong said "Young Saeng has to eat a lot. Cause he's getting older".
Kyu Jong! You are getting older too! LOL

image credit : 안녕, 왕자님 (http://wangjanim.com/)

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